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JAO Properties Company Limited (“JAO”) was established in 2014 by members of the Jaovisit family. The main objective is to invest in businesses related to trading business, retails and service business, with Jao Management Company Limited and JPJ Management, a group that operates real estates.

Later in 2017, JAO began to import and export business. By expanding the scope of business from trading business into food and beverage franchise business to increase product diversity and effectiveness in product distribution channels including risk diversification of the business





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Businesses in the JAO Group The company is a leader in the food and beverage business. And lifestyle business Under their own brands, Iichi Ichidoriya, as well as the exclusive franchisees in Thailand of leading brands such as Kimukatsu, Asabu Sabo, and Q-Por. Chat Cafe In addition, the company is also a business involved both inside and outside the supply chain. Under the management of a team of professionals with a lot of experience To create quality products Impressive service And sustainable growth

JAO Prosperity Co., Ltd.

19/58, 13th floor, Sukhumvit Suite Building, Klongton-Nue, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Tel.: +66 (0) 20503552


100% owned by Jaovisidha family.

highly-respected businessmen in Thailand, with solid track record and international experience.

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