Vision & Mission

The 2020 vision is

is the business practices of the JAO Group in the next 6 years to meet the diverse needs of customers under the changing economic and market conditions. With over 60 years of experience and an extensive network, we are ready to grow and handle new challenges in the environment. The business environment is constantly changing.


Under the business “Focus on large customers in a specific market” (Mass in niche market) in the modern competitive world. Will not just be the competition between products and products Brand per brand Organization to organization But will be competition between supply chains In the dimension of quality Efficiency and innovation Throughout the supply chain JAO therefore places great importance on our employees, partners and customers as one of the business partners that must grow with us sustainably.

This plan consists of 4 main strategies that will lead to better sales of products to consumers. Creating sustainable compensation for shareholders and increasing work opportunities for employees.

Efficient growth

JAO aims to be a company that operates efficiently. And need the desire to do Keen on love to always do business and business. And desire to make More effective

Operate effectively

JAO focuses on human resource development in terms of work skills, morality, morality, diligence, entrepreneurship, and business operations, with strong efforts, patience, and perseverance in order to increase the effectiveness of the organization.


Jao intends to concentrate on the business and operations. Determined to create a diverse team and provide training opportunities for high efficiency in each product group’s team, able to work together smoothly and can also benefit from collaborative work between products groups appropriate As well as enhancing the capacity of the group in the long run.

Continuous development

JAO will create a corporate culture to Considering, examining reasoning, and examining the problems in business, planning, evaluation, and improvement Continuously develop the capability of products and services to be the first choice of customers forever.