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“Cost reduction, quality control,
and international standard compliance.”
“Food business expert with over 14 years of experience.”
“Providing Halal-certified food services and products.”
“Available for both domestic and
international distribution and export.”

Our Service

Food Production


Producing products in a natural, authentic Thai cuisine style. Deliciously Thai, unique and unmatched. Our brand is certified with international manufacturing standards such as GMP, HALAL, and HACCP by the Ministry of Public Health

Analysis, Research and Development

We offer formulation decoding, recipe analysis, and product development services tailored to your needs, ensuring quality and competitive pricing. You can specify the characteristics of the desired product. In cases where customers have their own recipes or require new formula development, please provide detailed information and samples to our staff

Packing Service


We provide accurate and standardized packaging services using modern methodologies, ensuring quality and compliance with industry standards.

And it is safely compliant with GMP standards. We can accommodate various types of packaging, such as bottle packaging, pouch packaging, can packaging, gas flushing packaging, and more.

Transport Service

We offer food transportation services in accordance with FOOD SAFETY standards. It is convenient, fast, and safe, meeting the requirements and standards for food transportation.

Central Kitchen Service

We provide modern and certified central kitchen services to entrepreneurs. Our services are compliant with international manufacturing standards such as GMP, HALAL, and HACCP certified by the Ministry of Public Health.