MD Talk

The year 2020 is another year in which JAO Properties Company Limited (“JAO”) is committed to strengthening the Group’s business. In order to create Leader in food business Drinks and services In addition, there are plans to expand the scope of business in other fields under the Vision 2020, although the market and economy in the country is in a rather challenging situation due to the purchasing power of low-end consumers that Still slow including higher domestic product prices The company is still focused on product and service development and continues to maintain business strength. The business strategy has been adjusted to be in line with the challenging market conditions due to the economic slowdown and high competition.

2019 is the year that the food business is outstanding. With increased income and with increased profit growth also including improved cost and price management

In addition, I am pleased that this year, JAO has been selected to receive the award. Small and medium group of SME group members in the food and beverage industry With the number one score in Thailand From the Ministry of Commerce Reinforcing JAO commitment to the operation with consideration to society and Environment along with creating good business results for stable and sustainable growth also including creating good returns for investors in the long run.

In terms of human resource management and development, we continuously progress in the development of employees’ potential According to the 2020 vision of the year, employees have initiated individual development plans. Which is a systematic staff development tool in order to guide employees to have strengthened the work current and plan the career path of in line with the goals and growth of the company

On this occasion, I would like to thank all shareholders, customers, business partners and relevant parties for their trust in us. And thank the board All executives and employees in the JAO Group for your determination and dedication Inspiration and hard work during the past year. We will create and share. The value of business growth is firmly established under good corporate governance and social responsibility. Which will bring maximum benefit for all participants


Managing Director