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29 Apr

Limited Hojicha Collection at Azabu Sabo!

Who says you have to go to Japan to taste authentic Hojicha straight from the source?
🍵✨ Come and discover the Limited Hojicha Collection at Azabu Sabo!
The flavor of Hojicha is rich and aromatic, as we import the powder directly from Japan!
If you think the tea might be too intense, try experiencing the Sea salt Hojicha,
which stands out with a subtle blend of tea aroma and a touch of saltiness from the Sea salt mixed in!
For those who enjoy blending flavors, and love Hojicha, give Hoji Berry a try.
Its intense tea flavor mixed with the sweetness of berries will surely captivate you!
Whether you’re a Hojicha enthusiast or not, don’t miss out on this Hojicha Collection! Come and taste an unforgettable experience starting May 1st at Azabu Sabo, in all branches! 🍦😋

Where you can find us 📍

🍦IconSiam G fl.

🍦Central Ladprao G fl.

🍦Central World 3 fl.(Japan zone)

🍦The Emquartier G fl.

🍦The Emsphere Gm fl.

🕑 Open 10.00 am – 21.30 pm

🍦Future Park & Zpell 2 fl. (Zpell)

🕑 Open 10.30 am – 21.30 pm


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